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Isabelle and James’s Wedding Ceremony at Ferme Drouin in Cassleman Ontario
Amaka and Amos Civil Wedding Ceremony in Ottawa’s City Hall
Aerial Videography with the DJI Drone Mini 3 Pro – Petrie Island Flight – Ottawa, Ontario
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DJI Mini 3 Pro Unboxing
How to shoot a portrait session at home with minimal gear!
Fujifilm XT4 Field Test – Canadian Museum of History
Josiane and Sam’s Wedding
Make Up Tutorial by Karelle Bata with collab with B&D Photo and Film
Youssef and Amal’s Wedding
What’s in my camera bag in 2023.
Christelle and Nick’s Wedding
Yuqin and Nicholas’s Wedding
Fujifilm 56mm f1.2 Lens Review
Ottawa Christmas Parade 2022 – Fujifilm 56mm f1.2 Field Test
Ottawa Wedding Show Fall 2022 – EY Center
Why Start a Youtube Channel in 2023? For Photographer and Videographer
Fujifilm XT5 Summit
Rode Wireless GO II Microphones Are Awesome
Double Strap Harnesses Are a Lifesaver
Honest Review of the DJI Ronin SC
Cici and Fanzghou Wedding September 28, 2022 – Short Form 5 Mins
Cici and Fanzghou Wedding September 28, 2022 – Long Form 27 mins
Is the Neewer Tripod Monopod the Best Tripod under $150?
Is the Mosiso Camera Sling Bag the BEST BAG of 2022?
Sparkler Shot Tutorial – How to Take Epic Shots #photography #weddingphotography #tutorial #howto
GoPro9 Unboxing – Is it the best camera of 2022
How to NOT lose your photos in 4 easy steps #photography #weddings #fujifilm
Fujifilm 23mm F1.4 Lens Review – Is it worth it?
Fujifilm XT3 Review – Is the Fujifilm XT3 As good as they claim
Neewer Flash Light Review
The Canon Rebel SL2, is it good enough for wedding Photography
How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer
B&D Photography Mission Statement
Top 5 Most Important Items when Planning a Wedding without a Wedding Planner

Ferme Drouin – The Most Charming Farm Wedding Venue

Ferme Drouin: Embrace the Charm of Nature at Your Dream Wedding Venue in Casselman, Ontario When it comes to planning a wedding, finding the perfect venue is essential to create an unforgettable experience. If you are a couple who appreciates the beauty of nature, the allure of a forest wedding ceremony, the elegance of a…

How to make money with photography in 2023

How to make money with a camera? So you have a camera and you are wondering how to make money with it? The easiest way to make money with a camera is to go into wedding photography. I think that’s the easiest barrier to cross. Now, it is going to be a little difficult to…

How to learn basic photography

So you got the photography bug and you are not sure where to start. The first thing you need to do essentially is to get a camera. Practice, practice, practice. There is a lot of resources online today that will help you through your journey from a really raw beginner to someone a bit more…

Is the Fujifilm XT3 as good as they Claim?

I did something, I made the switch to the Fujifilm system and bought an XT3. Although I will hold on to my Canon gear I will be switching to Fujifilm for all my weddings and photography shoots. It is my first Fujifilm camera and I had it less than a week. I will give you…

The Canon Rebel SL2. Is it good enough for Wedding Photography?

The Canon Rebel SL2, also known as  Canon 200D outside of North America. Is it good enough for wedding photography? The simple answer is, NO. Is the Canon Rebel SL2 a bad Camera? the answer is also NO. The Canon Rebel SL2 is actually a great camera, a REALLY GREAT Camera if used in the…

How to choose the perfect wedding photographer

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding. When your wedding day passes, no matter how great the day was, in a couple of years you will have mostly forgotten about all the little details but your wedding photos and wedding album will serve…

B&D Photography Mission Statement

Hello, we are wedding photographers from the Ottawa-Gatineau Region. We have always enjoyed meeting new people and building great relationships. Our customer experience has always been a favorite of our clients and it has really helped us in building successful careers as a photographers. B&D Photography has in its core value, friendliness, reliability and dependability.…


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